CFC100 Class 2021 Aaron Armitage grabs first Power 5 offer

There’s been a recruiting explosion the last couple weeks, and it seems like the news just keeps getting better for prospects north of the border. CFC100 Aaron Armitage out of Blair Academy (N.J) is still a long ways away from graduating, but he’s already received his first NCAA offer, and it just so happens to be of the Power 5 variety. It’s a tremendous start for the star defensive line prospect, who can hopefully lay the foundation for a fevered frenzy by the time 2021 rolls around.

“I had no idea I was receiving an offer today … I got the message from my coach that he wanted to see me in his office putting me on the phone with him, and I had received my first offer.”

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When you’re a Class of 2021 Canadian prospect, and receive your first NCAA offer – that’s a great sign. When it happens to come from a Power 5 program? That’s an obvious signal to the recruiting world that we may have a gem on our hands. Clearly that’s what the Virginia Cavaliers were thinking, who decided to offer the young defensive line prospect after taking a look at his resume.

Addmitedly it’s not very long at this point, but Armitage was a monster while playing for the Durham Dolphins of the OPFL, and he already spent a year playing American high school ball for Trinity Pawling (N.Y). Now he’s starring at Blair Academy (N.J) alongside fellow CFC100 James Hinsperger, and the pair have helped the Bucs to a 5-3 overall record playing some tough competition on the prep circuit.

This is the first bit of recruiting news we’ve reported on for Armitage, and naturally he was just as surprised as we were when he initially got the phone call from Virginia,

“I had no idea I was receiving an offer today. Coach So’oto followed me this morning and I got the message from my coach that he wanted to see me in his office putting me on the phone with him, and I had received my first offer.”

Virginia don’t have any other offers on the board right now, but they do have CFC100 Terrell Jana on campus, and he’s beginning to make an impact after a breakout game last weekend. The Cavaliers are currently ranked 25th in the College Football Playoff rankings with a 6-3 record, and still have an outside shot at playing in the ACC Championship game.

Expect to hear the name Armitage a lot over the next three years as we follow his journey from the prep circuit to the NCAA. He’s also gone on at least one other recruiting trip to Penn State.


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