Why the CFL is better than NFL?

There are many differences between the Canadian Football League and the National Football League. Still, if they were to be compared with each other, CFL is better than the NFL because of the following reasons.

1- The Fans The NFL may have a huge number of fans, but that doesn’t mean the CFL fans are any less in number. Just go to a Saskatchewan Roughriders home game and then you will know yourself.

These are very loyal fans that really care about their particular teams. They drive hours to see their stars play week in and week out for the whole season. They tend to get rowdy in the stadium and also have cool songs for their teams. Just take the example of Winnipeg Bombers who have to play in very cold weather. Still, that wouldn’t affect the number of attendees at the Investors Group Field to see their team compete. If you are planning to bet, then Bet365 should be your first choice. Bet365 Canada is very famous for its range of great sign-up offers and promotions. In a very little time, Bet365 has established itself as a real hub in the world of sports betting and online casino gaming.

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2- The Number of Games

Sixteen games a season is obviously a fair number of games for an NFL team. However, there are fans who can’t help craving for more games. Adding more games in a season would put players safety at risk with other issues arising as well, but fans still do wish for the season to last longer.

In this regard, the fans of the Canadian Football League are lucky. The CFL fans get to enjoy 18 regular season games for their teams with the other lucky few teams get to play more games in the playoffs.

3- Not all can make it to the NFL

Watching a college football game, we may have come across college players who play so brilliantly. We wish to see them playing in the NFL, but the sad reality is that they may not make it to the NFL because of the tough competition.

However, these players can try their luck in the Canadian Football League where the level of competition is not that hard. Many college players have joined the CFL and done very well there. Vernon Adams used to play college football for the Eastern Washington Eagles and Oregon Ducks but now he is playing as a quarterback for the Montreal Alouettes. Darian Durant was also a college football player at the UNC where he held many amazing records. Now he is famous as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the CFL.

4- The Grey Cup

The Super Bowl may have a lot of money but it certainly can’t boast of century-old traditions like the Grey Cup. The first Grey Cup took place in the year 1909, and there have been 106 Grey Cup matches since then, the latest of which was won by Calgary Stampeders against the Ottawa Redblacks. On the other hand, the first Super Bowl wasn’t played until the year 1967.

If you go to a Grey Cup match, you can feel all the influences from Mother Nature. There may be snow or a frigid wind to provide a whole different atmosphere. In fact, there has been Grey Cup matches played in ice, rain, and mud etc. While a Super Bowl will always be played in a warm weather venue.

5- Spirit of the Game

There is a huge difference between the annual salaries of an NFL player and a CFL player. NFL players make huge amounts of money while the CFL players can’t expect to be rich in the same way.

That’s why the CFL athletes primarily play for the love of the game. The same thing can’t be said about the NFL where money has almost overtaken the whole game. It doesn’t look likely that a similar thing would happen in the CFL.

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