Weekly Headlines Recap (July 27th – August 3rd)

July 27th

CFC100 Dawson Marchant DI Commit – http://ow.ly/UvXM30l97T0
CFC100 J-S Lamothe Profile – http://ow.ly/YAOu30l97TM
CFC100 Combine Owen Macleod – http://ow.ly/K0Rg30l97RJ
Dylan Whetter DI Offer- http://ow.ly/x2Dd30l97Su
CFC50 Harry Ainlay Preview – http://ow.ly/AGlj30l97Ux

July 28th

Did You Know? – http://ow.ly/CIIm30lacbl
Jonathan Giustini Profile – http://ow.ly/VTGc30lac5r
Muludesta Yitna Profile – http://ow.ly/pCWa30lac9q

July 29th

Syracuse Orange Offer 4 CFC100http://ow.ly/gSJC30lazBL
CFC100 Logan Pidkowa Profile- http://ow.ly/3bSZ30laCkt
Mind of McCabe – http://ow.ly/BTzP30laCmv
Weekly Headlines – http://ow.ly/xH9U30l2ZCW

July 30th

CFC100 Theo Johnson Offer – http://ow.ly/Ygkm30lbrPx
CFC100 Jake Taylor Profile – http://ow.ly/NhB430lbCM4
CFC100 Alex Vilain Profile – http://ow.ly/WfwT30lbNOT
Chaz Marshall DI Camp – http://ow.ly/ooXW30lbNKC
CFC50 Holy Trinity (Oakville) Preview – http://ow.ly/22Vb30lbNUf

July 31st

CFC100 Matthew Hewa Baddege DI Offer – http://ow.ly/JIer30lcul5
CFC100 Terrence Ganyi Offer – http://ow.ly/bRgD30lcudO
CFC100 Tom Brow Profile – http://ow.ly/Hkc630lcv4B
CFC100 Kojo Odoom Offer – http://ow.ly/9C7f30lcutu
U Sports Guide – http://ow.ly/oiyL30lcuCXes July 31st

August 1st

CFC100 Shakespeare Louis Profile – http://ow.ly/Vnsw30ldLrM
CFC100 Nicholas De Jesus Camp- http://ow.ly/ri8i30ldMjD
CFC100 St-Jean-Eudes Profile – http://ow.ly/al1z30ldNaC
CFC100 Matthew Hewa Baddege DI Offer – http://ow.ly/91ek30leaPz
Summer League Champs – http://ow.ly/hGd330ldM1x

August 2nd

CFC100 Chris Weber Profile – http://ow.ly/RND530leZUH
CFC100 Liam Dick DI Camp – http://ow.ly/uy0D30leR3C
CFC100 St. FX Transfer – http://ow.ly/8lPA30lf07C
CFC100 Terrence Ganyi Commit – http://ow.ly/427p30lfe6O
CFC100 Matthew Hewa Baddege U Sports Offer – http://ow.ly/tgis30leRty

August 3rd

Regina Rams Offer 3 CFC100http://ow.ly/PnhF30lfVTe
CFC100 Jared Wayne Power 5 Commit – http://ow.ly/cMIz30lfWuV
CFC100 Liam Dick Power 5 Offer – http://ow.ly/Y0lF30lfZmZ
CFC100 Kojo Odoom U Sports Offer – http://ow.ly/YnS630lfZRT
Grant Park Preview – http://ow.ly/Pvv030lg0ak

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