Waterloo All-Stars: Roberts top of the class

James Roberts capped of his high school career with special recognition.

The Jacob Hespeler pivot and recent Guelph Gryphons commit was awarded the Doug Shuh Award as the Waterloo County Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WCSSAA) league MVP.

He is the first quarterback to win the major award since 2004.  Cameron Heights Golden Gaels’ Evan Martin was the last pivot to win the honour.  Roberts became only the second Hawks standout to win the award since its inception in 1994.  The previous Hawks player to win the award was Eric Henderson (2006).

This past season, Roberts guided the Hawks to the WCSSAA Championship title with a 26-13 victory over Resurrection Phoenix. However, his season was cut short as he was injured in the Central Western Ontario Secondary Schools  Association (CWOSSAA)  final against Assumption Lions.

His 2013 statistics were impressive – 66 completions in 125 attempts and 16 passing touchdowns.  Moreover, Roberts amassed 223 rushing yards on 30 carries and seven rushing touchdowns.

The Hawks lead the way with four players named to the WCSSAA senior boys first-team all-star squad.

Roberts made the list along with running back Kevin Pham, linebacker Wyatt Hogan-Crawford and lineman Eric Starczala.

The championship finalist Resurrection Phoenix were next with three selections – receiver Marcus Joseph, lineman Andrew Pickett [CFC TOP 100] and running back Jaedon Herron.

The following is a list of WCSSAA all-stars:


James Roberts (Jacob Hespeler Hawks)
Wyatt Hogan-Crawford (Jacob Hespeler Hawks)
Eric Starczala (Jacob Hespeler Hawks)
Marcus Joseph (Resurrection Phoenix)
Andrew Pickett (Resurrection Phoenix) [ CFC TOP 100]
Jaedon Herron (Resurrection Phoenix)
Evan Snyder (Bluevale Knights)
Mike Roth (Bluevale Knights)
Sam Lewis (Cameron Heights Golden Gaels)
Mitch Kernick (Elmira Lancers)
Jordan Frey (Elmira Lancers)
Tyler Majaury (Forest Heights Trojans)
Quinten LeBrun (Forest Heights Trojans)
Cameron Lussier (Galt Ghosts)
Jothan Salfarlie (Galt Ghosts)
Nick Maser (Glenview Park Panthers)
Taylor O’Hagan (Grand RiverRenegades)
Brendan McCracken (Huron Heights Huskies)
Robert Dungy (Huron Heights Huskies)
Colin Hunt (Kitchener-Waterloo Raiders)
Tyler Wismer (Preston Panthers)
Liam Pownall (Preston Panthers)
Tre Nicholson (Eastwood Rebels)
Sydney Stewart (Eastwood Rebels)
Brayden Hill (St. Benedict Saints)
George Monaghan (St. Benedict Saints)
Brian Mundt (Sir John A MacDonald Highlanders)
Mike Lynch (Sir John A. Macdonald Highlanders)
Calvin Witzell (St. Mary’s Eagles)
Austin Gordon (Southwood Sabres)
Steven Warner (Southwood Sabres)
Brendan Goran (Waterloo Vikings)
Jake Skindra (St. David Greenbacks)
CJ Jovanovic (Waterloo-Oxford Crusaders)


Eric Morreli (Bluevale Knights)
Brad Reidel (Bluevale Knights)
Ryan Chambers (Cameron Heights Golden Gaels)
Kyle Wideman (Elmira  Lancers)
Alex Weber (Elmira Lancers)
Tyler Hoselton (Forest Heights Trojans)
Taylor Vosburgh (Forest Heights Trojans)
Roly Tremblay (Galt Ghosts)
Travis Simpson (Galt Ghosts)
Josh Sheridan (Glenview Park Panthers)
Alec Arbutina (Grand River Renegades)
Evert Davy (Huron Heights Huskies)
Jake Groulx (Huron Heights Huskies)
Ashton Pilkey (Jacob Hespeler Hawks)
Carlton Smith (Jacob Hespeler Hawks)
Arun Mehmi (Jacob Hespeler Hawks)
Brendan Gauvin (Kitchener-Waterloo Raiders)
Antoine Phillip (Preston Panthers)
Clay Collison (Preston Panthers)
Shawn Palmer (Eastwood Rebels)
Mike Jensen (Eastwood Rebels)
Dominik Valincic (Resurrection Phoenix)
Paul Henning (Resurrection Phoenix)
Che Edwin (Resurrection Phoenix)
Jamie Duncan (St. Benedict Saints)
Brad Vince (St. Benedict Saints)
Matt Gillies (Sir John A MacDonald Highlanders)
Quinn Turner (Sir John A MacDonald Highlanders)
Conor Hawley (St. Mary’s Eagles)
Mitch Talbot (Southwood Sabres)
Hayden Amis (Southwood Sabres)
Marco Hensel (Waterloo Collegiate Vikings)
Mitch Lavigne (St. David Greenbacks)
Addie Cober (Waterloo-Oxford Crusaders)


Nik Ferguson (Bluevale Knights)
Arman Sadri (Bluevale Knights)
Akeem Foster (Cameron Heights Golden Gaels)
Ben Drung (Cameron Heights Golden Gaels)
Alex White (Elmira Lancers)
Darren Martin (Elmira Lancers)
Calvin Schedler (Forest Heights Trojans)
Jessica Petts (Forest Heights Trojans)
Shane Stevenson (Galt Ghosts)
Warren Loucks (Galt Ghosts)
Nick Conran (Glenview Park Panthers)
Ryan Threndyle (Glenview Park Panthers)
Ryan Wey (Grand River Renegades)
Jon Rumig (Grand River Renegades)
Nick Mask (Huron Heights Huskies)
Drake Smith (Huron Heights Huskies)
Riley Pilkey (Jacob Hespeler Hawks)
Keiran Burnham (Jacob Hespeler Hawks)
Owen Prutton (Jacob Hespeler Hawks)
Regan Matson (Kitchener-Waterloo Raiders)
Austin Slik (Kitchener-Waterloo Raiders)
Mitch Weiler (Preston Panthers)
David Kirk (Preston Panthers)
Yalkan Sakir (Eastwood Rebels)
Michael Ly (Eastwood Rebels)
Kirolos Milio (Resurrection Phoenix)
Justin Wilson (Resurrection Phoenix)
Devin Pelley (St. Benedict Saints)
John Carroll (St. Benedict Sants)
Nick Hehl (Sir John A MacDonald Highlanders)
Nathan Mesher (Sir John A MacDonald Highlanders)
Dan Waring (St. Mary’s Eagles)
Jacob Redford (St. Mary’s Eagles)
Joshua Openshaw (Waterloo Vikings)
Daniel Merkle (Waterloo Vikings)
Brad Reitzel (St. David Greenbacks)
Braden Gallant (St. David Greenbacks)
Trayton Austen (Waterloo-Oxford Crusaders)
Clayton Best (Waterloo-Oxford Crusaders)

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