The Fastest Man at The CIS 2013 East West Bowl

The week long training sessions have taken a toll on a lot of the East West Bowl players this year. After practicing all day, meetings at night and a long combine experience, most are feeling the pressure as game day approaches. CFC got to sit down with the fastest player on the field and see what he was thinking about the week so far. From Laval, Adam Thibault, receiver and defensive back.

CFC: How has the first week gone?
Adam Thibault: It is going really good. I am usually a receiver but I am playing defensive back for the first time and things are going really well. We have great coaches and I love progressing in this new position.

CFC: How was the combine?
I had set out to run the fastest times and I did. I am really happy with myself. I ran a 4.49 in the 40 yard dash. In all three speed test I was the best out there and that was a personal goal of mine.

CFC: What have you learned this week?
I have learned so much! Coming into a new position like this, I learned press coverage and I love it. I love learning new skills and perfecting them.

CFC: Any goals for tomorrow?
I want a touchdown either on defense or returning the ball. As a safety though I want to be everywhere on the field and help making tackles whether it’s a pass or run play. The main thing, I want to win.

CFC: How does it feel being compared against all the competition and being noticed as one of the best?
It feels really good, it is a real honor. Considering how many people are in the CIS and I get to be part of this team is awesome. I know I beat out a lot of the competition, a lot of other players fought hard to get here.

CFC: What do you think the future holds for you?
I want to play in the CFL. I am open minded but I would love to play for Montreal or BC one day.

CFC: Do you know any players from the other team?
AT: Well I played against some of the other guys but I don’t know them that well

CFC: How do you prepare before a game?
AT: I had a lot of superstitions but I don’t anymore because I used to overthink it. Now I just relax and try to think positive. I want to get really hydrated and warmed up for the game.

CFC: What made you pick football?
In primary school my friend told me to try out. I was a fast kid back in the day and loved it. At the first camp, nobody could touch me so I loved it. Football is the ultimate team sport, you create lifelong friendships. You need to train hard and have discipline. You win as a team and go down as a team.

CFC: Any predictions for tomorrow?
Our offensive line is amazing and I think they will carry our team to victory. Even though our defensive backs are from all different teams, we already get along really well and communicate which is crucial.


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