Taking A Closer Look At Canadian Football

Football is a popular sport and is played in almost every country. As far as Canada is concerned, any high school you go to, you will find teenagers participating in football. In Canada, football happens to be extremely popular among the teenagers.

Football is a game that can teach you about discipline and how to collaborate with your teammates. Not just that but it also boosts your confidence. This is one of the main reasons why football is encouraged in Canada among the teenagers.

Young teenagers get the chance to participate in various national sports events including National Championship. However, everybody dreams to be participate in Canadian Football League. In short, football is a big thing in Canada. The sport is so popular that it even took to online gaming sites and online casinos where people bet on their favourite team and try their luck. You can place your bets here if you want to win something big.

About Canadian Football League

It’s every football lover’s dream to play in Canadian Football League. It took shape four decades ago just after the NFL. It is almost 60 years that CFL is there. The importance and value of CFL is the same as it was 60 years back during the time of its inception. Here are a few things that you would like to know about CFL.

1. CFL’s Holy Grail has more history than the NFL’s Lombardi trophy. Till now the grey cup has been awarded for 105 times. The first time it was earned in the University of Toronto Varsity Blues in the year 1909.

2. The Canadian football league had expanded its reach up to the south of the border for some time. Between the time 1993 and 1995, Birmingham Barracudas, Baltimore Stallions, San Antonio Texans, Las Vegas Posse, Sacramento Gold Miners and Shreveport Pirates were all parts of the league.

3. Many of you may not know this but in Canada, you get 1 point for a rouge, in which case the ball has to go into the opponents’ end zone and shouldn’t return on a punt.

4. Canadian football fields are longer and wider in comparison to NFL counterparts. Not just that but even the end zones are twice as deep. The goalposts is placed on the goal line. In a CFL game you will find 12 men to a side which provides only 3 downs to gain a first instead of four.

5. Canadian Football League is known to play 18 regular season games which is actually more than the number of games NFL players play.

6. There are a lot of NFL football stars who have played in CFL. Like Moon and Flutie were very famous in CFL before they made their way to the US. Even Ricky Williams played for Toronto in the year 2006 while he was in temporary NFL exile.

CFL is very important for Canadian people. If you liked reading these facts and wish to read more, then you can search more online.

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