StFX commit followed instinct

X-Men add an out-of-province commit to their 2019 class.

Sometimes, you have to go with your gut feeling. For Chase Bowden, a running back from Stamford Collegiate, committing to StFX was one of those times.

“I chose to commit to StFX because of this instinctual feeling that came over me when the opportunity came up,” he said. “I was also drawn by the fact that this is an opportunity to move away and experience more outside the world of Niagara Falls.”

Bowden added that speaking with Gary Waterman, the team’s head coach, opened his eyes “to how united the team is and I immediately felt like this could be my next family, this is where I can grow and become not only a better football player but a better person as well.”

Speaking further about Waterman, Bowden said, “I have nothing but positive to say. From the few times I spoke with Coach Gary, we had a great discussion about the school, the team and the program as well as where I fit in the whole picture. I am excited to get to know him more because I can see him being another great role model I can learn from in life.”

Alongside Waterman, Bowden has also been in contact with Dave Van Den Heuvel. “Coach Dave has been a huge help as well and once again I’m excited to get to know him better at StFX,” he said.

Bowden is interested in kinesiology. He aspires to be a physiotherapist in the future.

Bowden, who is 5’10, 185lbs, spent a year with the St. Catherine’s Cardinals, six with the Niagara Spears (OPFL), and five with the Stamford Hornets (NRHSAA). He then spent the next two with the joint Stamford-Westland team.

While he has yet to win a championship, he is a four-time MVP for Stamford. He also won the team spirit award in 2017

For as far as he has come, Bowden knows he has some special people to thank. “I thank my coach from Stamford, Martin, for helping this dream become a reality and I hope I’ve made him proud,” he said.

He added that, “I could not have achieved what I have achieved without the support of my mother, she is the reason why I am able to believe in myself and do the things I do. She’s my angel.”


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