Stevi Schnoor sensational in championship season for Seattle Mist

Possessing a keen sense of competitiveness, Stevi Schnoor is motivated by a desire for excellence. “The Bull”, as she is affectionately known, experienced a definitive season in 2017. Powering the Seattle Mist to its second championship in three seasons, she has firmly established herself as the greatest Canadian player in the history of both, the Seattle Mist and the Legends Football League.

Statistically, Schnoor was a marvel, placing greater value on her stature as an offensive catalyst. Amassing a tremendous 391 rushing yards on merely 55 attempts for an average of 7.1 yards per carry, the only other number that could eclipse such stature were an astounding 15 rushing touchdowns. Trailing behind Schnoor in the race for top rusher was familiar rival Carmen Bourseau (who was once a member of the Regina Rage), who compiled 343 yards. Of note, Bourseau was the only other running back in league play to reach double digits in touchdowns with 11, respectively.

Fellow Mist running back Dominique Malloy placed third among all competitors in rushing with 256 yards, the only team with two running backs among the top five leading rushers. This dazzling duo proved to be essential towards the Mist finishing the season as the league’s highest scoring offense, amassing an astounding 378 points. Undoubtedly, Schnoor and Malloy set the tone for the Mist pacing all clubs with 146 rushing yards per game, 1460 total offensive yards and a phenomenal 54 total touchdowns.

Stevi Schnoor kissing the Legends Cup with Seattle’s iconic Ferris Wheel at Pier 57 in the backdrop (Image obtained from:

“In no way shape or form can I take credit for all of those yards myself! First I have to thank Coach Chris for trusting me and putting the ball in my hands and giving me the opportunity to run so many times this season, and second, and probably most importantly, I need to give credit to all of my blockers!! Without the team around me doing their jobs I cannot do mine.”

Perhaps more impressive was the fact that both Malloy and Schnoor would also rank third and fifth in league receiving, displaying a tremendous versatility. That sense of versatility on the Mist was enhanced by the presence of Jade Randle, who was honoured as the League MVP in 2016. Finishing fourth on the Mist in rushing, Randle was the league’s leading tackler, while ranking second overall in sacks.

Such efficiency on offense translated into an undefeated season, including a 106-0 trouncing of the Denver Dream. Finishing the regular season first overall in the Western Conference, the Mist conquered their eternal rivals, the Los Angeles Temptation
in the postseason, to capture the postseason conference crown.

Joining the Temptation and the Chicago Bliss as the only teams to appear in three straight Legends Cup Finals, Schnoor was involved in each of those appearances. Challenging the upstart Atlanta Steam, the 2017 edition of the Legends Cup would prove to be her finest hour.

Considering that the Steam were looking to capture their first league champion, one that would propel fan favourite Dakota Hughes into the elite club of championship quarterbacks, the stakes were just as high for the Mist. A second championship would affirm the Mist as a dynastic team, while transforming Schnoor from hero into icon.

In a game where the lead frequently changed hands, testament to the talent on both sides, it was one that had the makings of a classic. Schnoor and Randle were crucial to the Mist holding an 18-14 lead at halftime, as both recorded second quarter touchdowns.

After the Steam regained the lead following halftime, Schnoor continued to be the difference maker for the Mist. A scoring drive consisting of just three plays culminated with a 12-yard touchdown run by Schnoor, resulting in her second touchdown of the game as the Mist enjoyed a 24-20 advantage.

In the fourth quarter, the offensive brilliance of Schnoor and Malloy yielded strong dividends as their season-long dominance in the running game continued with a pair of rushing touchdowns each. Although the championship outcome would be determined on the final drive, Schnoor’s game-best three touchdowns were the crucial factor that allowed the Mist to emerge triumphant. Recognized as the Game MVP for her efforts, it was a fitting honour placed her among the immortals in Legends Football League play,

“It felt really good to be able to perform and come through for my team in the Championship game, but to me it is not about how many TD’s you score. I would have been just as happy blocking for someone else to score those TD’s. As long as my team is kissing the cup as champions in the end. That is what truly matters.”

Schnoor’s heroics enabled the Mist to achieve a pair of unique milestones, capturing their second championship in three seasons, along with three straight Western Conference championships (only the second team in league history to do so). While she was also nominated for the league’s Most Valuable Player Award, there was another element that led to a great sense of personal fulfillment.

Although Schnoor has been part of both Legends Cup title teams with the Mist, along with a Pacific Cup title, there is another titanic achievement. During her first season of Legends Football League play, she helped the BC Angels to the 2012 Canadian Legends Cup, defeating first place Saskatoon.

Having also garnered Game MVP honors for the Angels’ title win in 2012, Schnoor is the only player to have achieved this with a Canadian and American team. While her continued success with the Mist has transformed her into a beloved icon on both sides of the border, the thrill of winning three league championships represents a proud pinnacle that stands as one of the hallmarks in her compelling career,

“Winning the championship for the third time feels just as amazing as the first two, but it is funny cause every championship has felt different than each other. Different teams, players and struggles you had to overcome were all unique every year.

One thing that always stays the same is the feeling of validation you get. That all the early morning workouts, and hours of practice in the cold, and injuries are all worth it and now you have the cup to show for it, and that is truly one of the greatest feelings in the world.”

Adding luster to such a monumental series of achievements is the fact that each one has been shared with Jessica Hopkins. Akin to Schnoor, the lauded Hopkins is one of those tremendous talents that also holds a unique place with football fans on both sides of the border.

One of the defensive leaders with the BC Angels, Hopkins provided solid leadership, while serving as a mentor for many of the prodigious Canadian talents on the roster, including Schnoor.

Having set a franchise record for most seasons with the Mist, Hopkins first donned their colours back in 2009. With the 2017 season serving as her swan song, there was definitely a strong sense of motivation to close out her career with a championship.

Considering that the Mist lost a close game to the Chicago Bliss in the 2016 Legends Cup finals, it made for a very visceral offseason. With the strong sense of family that is part of the Mist’s raison d’etre, Schnoor and her teammates were driven to deliver the title, seeking redemption for their 2016 loss while ascending to the venerated ranks as one of the greatest teams in Legends Football League history.

In reflecting on the chance to contribute to such a milestone for Hopkins, playing the game of her life, it was a cherished opportunity for Schnoor to pay tribute to a dear friend and an unforgettable teammate. Having seen their gridiron odysseys run parallel since 2012, this dazzling duo are an integral part of league lore.

Forming a lasting friendship, Schnoor and Hopkins represent grace, dignity and a commitment to peak performance. Reaching a revered status as towering legends in their sport, they are role models beyond the end zones, inspiring fans and teammates alike,

“To share all three championships with Jessica has been such a special experience. It is kinda crazy when you look back and see how far we have both come on our LFL journeys and it’s so cool that we have been able to do it together. She has been a great mentor, captain and teammate.”

With the expanse of the gridiron as her canvas, Schnoor painted a vibrant portrait that brought tremendous authenticity to her championship aspirations. The championship itself was only part of a compelling saga.

Shaping the complexion of this season also included the minutiae, supplying many essential experiences for Schnoor. Accumulated as said season progressed, it was part of a rich, compelling narrative. The rituals and the intricacies would take on its own life, providing a residual warmth that helped to fuel her thirst for success, while strengthening the bonds of friendship, subsequently enriching the context that made 2017 a season to remember.

“Some of my favorite moments this season was just spending time with my teammates. The early mornings are a grind but we were all in it together, cracking jokes at 6am…car karaoke…..slumber party naps in between two-a-days…. those are the times I will remember the most.

I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of this amazing group of women this year, and have made friendships that will last a lifetime and for that I am forever grateful.”

“All quotes obtained first hand unless otherwise indicated”

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