Sherbrooke’s class of 2017 grows by 3

Sherbrooke continues to attract commits from Québec.

To be successful, you need to buy into the team’s system. That’s what quarterback Maxime Bouffard and defensive Benjamin Roy-Ménard from Cégep de Sherbrooke, as well as Patrick-Anthony Gagon, a wide receiver from Champlain Lennoxville, are looking to do after committing to the University of Sherbrooke Vert & Or.

Maxime Bouffard

Courtesy of Maxime Bouffard.

Courtesy of Maxime Bouffard.

Maxime Bouffard is already familiar with the colour green. Coming from Sherbrooke, Québec, he chose the Vert & Or for much more than pride in the home team. “There’s nothing that counts more than representing and winning with my hometown’s team and obviously, the new head coach,” he said.

“We connected only after talking to him for an hour, mostly because of his attitude and his integrity. He’s the kind of coach I want to play and I would die on the field for him,” he added.

But, the member of Les Volontaires du Cégep de Sherbrooke (RSEQ Division 2) noticed Head Coach Lecompte wasn’t the only coach with the mindset he was looking for. “The entire coaching staff has the same vision. They are really untied and they are all reaching for the same goal, the Vanier Cup,” Bouffard said.

The potential marketing communications student is 6’3, 210lbs. He spent his high school years playing with Les Harfangs de l’école secondaire du Triolet (RSEQ). After five years there, he suited up with the Champlain College Lennoxville Cougars (RSEQ Division 1) for two years before joining Les Volontaires. In 2013, he won gold with Team Québec and in 2014, he won bronze with the team.

Benjamin Roy-Ménard

Benjamin Roy-Ménard. Courtesy of Les Volontaires Sherbrooke.

Benjamin Roy-Ménard. Courtesy of Les Volontaires Sherbrooke.

Benjamin Roy-Ménard is already familiar with Sherbrooke, having been a member of Les Volontaires du Cégep de Sherbrooke.

Patrick-Anthony Gagon

Patrick-Anthony Gagnon jumps for the ball. Courteys of Patrick-Anthony Gagnon.

Patrick-Anthony Gagnon jumps for the ball. Courteys of Patrick-Anthony Gagnon.

The 5’11, 180lbs Patrick-Anthony Gagon, on the other hand, spent his cégep years with the Lennoxville Cougars. Before that, he played with Les Barons du Séminaire de Sherbrooke (RSEQ). Hailing from Sherbrooke, Québec, he said, “I decided to commit to Sherbrooke because I want to play and represent my city. I played football since high school here and developed my football skills in this city.”

“So, I always felt the need to continue on this path and play U Sports for my city. Also, I love the mentality of the new coach. His values align with mine and the team is one big family,” he added.

In 2014, Gagnon represented Team Québec and in 2015, he won a Bol D’Or with the Cougars.

Although Sherbrooke won out in the end, the future management student said, “Thanks to the universities that took the time to talk to me.”



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