Ontario Prospect Challenge Profile: Captain Patriot

The Ontario Prospect Challenge is an elite three phase event that culminates in an all-star game in the spring of 2016.  For more information CLICK HERE.  The TRYOUT SERIES begins in October and goes until the middle of January 2016.


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Defensive Tackle, Offensive Guard

5’11, 166 lbs

Western Patriots (MRFL)
Glengary Gaels
Cornwall Wildcats (NCAFA)


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Jacob Traynor first hit the gridiron in 2014 with the Glengarry Gaels in the Seaway Valley Spring League.

With the Gaels, he started as an offensive guard and middle linebacker.

The Gaels were very successful, winning the Maxville County Fair’s Friday Night Lights Annual Mosquito game. The also went on to become spring season league champions.

With the Gaels, Jacob was selected as the team’s Most Improved Player.

In the following fall, he signed on with the Cornwall Wildcats of the National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA), where he played as a linebacker and defensive linesman.

At the end of the season their middle of the pack team took the Colby Cup, the B Champions.

This year, Jacob plays with the Western Patriots “AAA” peewee team in the Montreal Regional Football League (MRFL) where he plays both sides of the ball as a starting offensive guard and defensive tackle.

The Patriot was also selected as team captain.

In the past offseason he attended a football camp hosted by Coach Ron Raymond and Coach Jean Guillaume for 10 weeks.

At the camp he worked primarily with Guillaume, with a main concentration on improving his footwork, as well as improving all techniques.

In mid-March the Patriots begin their indoor program and he has been on the field with them two to three times a week since.

For the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC), Jacob has some major goals.

“My goal at the Ontario Prospect Challenge is to put my skill set up against other people of my age group,” said Jacob. “As OPC participants, together we will be able to push each other to the highest of our abilities and skills.”

Overall, he is passionate about playing the sport for several reasons.

“As I understand and learn more and more about this game of football, my passion, love and respect for the game grow fonder,” commented the Patriots standout.”I love this game and keeping the Family, School, Football rule in which my family instate into me, I hope to play on day in the NCAA football program.”

“Playing this sport, football and completing a university degree at the same time would help me set up my future, however the direction, I will be ready for my life as an adult.”

This past season one of his favourite players has become more of an idol because Jacob’s teammates gave him his name as a nickname.

“At the beginning of the season I was issued my game jersey, it was number 99,” explained the Patriots standout. “Seeing that my name is Jacob, my mates gave me the name ‘J.J.’ as in J.J. Watt.”

Jacob Linebacker

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