Myers JV leans on Front 7 and QB play

Team Strengths: I think our main strengths this year will be our front 7 on defence  and our QB play. We have a large number of first year JV players this  year, in fact we are only returning 16 players from last year’s team,  which were league finalists. What we have seen from the new players so  far this year has been very promising. A number of them came in and  immediately challenged for starting positions. We are very fortunate to  have inherited several players from last year’s Pee-wee team that went  undefeated, so they come in with a winning attitude.

In order to be successful we must:
Be patient and be willing to take what the opposition is giving us  while maintaining the ability to be opportunistic when a chance   presents itself. We always strive to play great team defence and special  teams, while the offence takes the required time to gel and work out  their timing. This is where the patience comes in to play. Like every  team out there, we must avoid the turnovers and putting our defence in a  tough position. We are strong believers in working field position to  shift the balance of power within a game.

Returning  Players:
Our defence will be led by returning players Spencer Brown, James  Mau, Shayne Cowan-Cholette, Brad Hinton, Ryan McNamee, Mike Kilmartin,  Mitchell Slack, Nick Dinardo, Chad Pierce, Avery Maloney and Travis  Troughton.
Returning players on offence this year include Dom Vidoni, Sean  Mellor, John Cimankinda, Scott McGarrity and Chris Garrett

Players to Watch:
We have some really exciting new players to watch this year  including:
QB Nick Gorgichuk
RB’s Alex Demidenko, Kory Morgan
OL Tyler Young
Receiver Reuben Charles
DL Justice Maci, Corbin Maxwell and David Jackson

Returning players to watch include:
QB Sean Mellor
LB’s Spencer Brown, James Mau, Brad Hinton
DL Ryan McNamee
DB’s Nick Dinardo, Travis Troughton, Chad Pierce


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