Mind of McCabe: 5 ways to impress at the CFC Tryout and Showcase

We’re preparing for the second edition of the CFC Prospect Game broadcast on TSN, but before we hit the airwaves, we’ll be visiting nine locations to find the best football talent across Canada. After attending multiple CFC combines, here are five surefire ways you can impress the scouts on audition day.

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Be punctual

You probably hear this one everyday of your life, and that’s for a good reason. In general, most people get annoyed when somebody shows up late, but football coaches take that pet peeve to a whole different level. You may be able to slip by unnoticed at your high school practice after building a bond with your coaching staff for a couple years, but more than likely you won’t know a single coach at the event, and the last thing you want to do is make a bad first impression by interrupting a drill or speech. I completely understand this is sometimes out of the players control when commuting, for example a player and their mother got in a car accident on the way last year. That was just an unfortunate accident, but you aren’t going to gain any sympathy if you’re taking your time changing out of your pajamas on the sidelines when the coaches want to get the combine going, or if you decide you need an extra minute at the water cooler when everybody else is already getting in line for the next drill. Some coaches may not call you out on the spot, but every coach is going to start making mental notes if you decide to delay the scouting process for everybody else because you can’t follow simple instructions.

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