40 yard times to reach by 30 CFL stars

It’s tough to set goals when you don’t know what the benchmark should be. With the upcoming CFC Tryout and Showcase tour kicking off in Halifax on November 11th, I figured it’d be worthwhile to compile a list of 40 yard dash times for 30 of the top Canadian players carving their path in the CFL on both sides of the field. Hopefully the list provides a starting point for setting long term goals in the future, and allows you to create a plan in high school before you get left behind at the university level.

The list includes receivers, running backs, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs. All stats were compiled from cfl.ca or NCAA pro day reports.

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4.33 Tevaun Smith (Edmonton Eskimos – Iowa)
2016 – 8th Pick – 1st Round – EDM
16 GP/50 REC/549 YDS/5 TD

4.53 – Nic Demski (Winnipeg Blue Bombers – Manitoba)
2015 – 6th Pick – 1st Round – SSK
74 GP/172 REC/1822 YDS/9 TD

4.54 Lemar Durant (B.C Lions – Simon Fraser)
2015 – 18th Pick – 2nd Round – CGY
66 GP/159 REC/2090 YDS/13 TD

4.67 CFC100 Hergy Mayala (Calgary Stampeders – UConn)
2019 – 8th Pick – 1st Round – CGY
15 GP/33 REC/459 YDS/4 TD

4.73 Brad Sinopoli (Ottawa RedBlacks – Ottawa)
2011 – 29th Pick – 4th Round – CGY
138 GP/501 REC/5641 YDS/19 TD

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