Manitoba boy returning home, commits to Bisons

Manitoba brings in experienced CJFLer to their team.

The city nestled on the mighty Red River is calling Dylan Schrot, a receiver from the Calgary Colts (CJFL), back and he has accepted the call after committing to the University of Manitoba Bisons.

Winnipegger Dylan Schrot is coming home after spending a season in Calgary. And that’s something very special for him. “The most appealing aspect to play for the Bisons is the fact that its my hometown. Going back and getting an opportunity to play in front of friends and family wont be matched by any other team,” he said.

“Not to mention the 1st class facilities (stadium, weight room, etc.) that they offer. Also, the Bisons have built a reputation for giving junior players an opportunity to come in and compete for starting positions from day one.”

Although he is excited to go home, Schrot relishes his time in Calgary. “I spent this past season on the practice squad for the Calgary Stampeders. Being a part of a historic team, seeing how the pros prepare each and every day was huge for my learning curve/development. It was also very motivational,” he said.

When he met the Manitoba coaching staff, Schrot was drawn to their attitude surrounding their players. “I can tell they are coaches who genuinely care about their players, and to me that’s one of the most important things. The CJFL coach I played for my entire junior career, Matthew Blokker, epitomizes that trait as well. It makes you feel important to the team’s success,” he said.

He added that he met Head Coach Dobie and Coach Atkinson, the receivers coach, on a couple of occasions. He said that they are great guys with great football minds.

Dylan Schrot hurdles his opponents. Courtesy of Dylan Schrot.

Dylan Schrot hurdles his opponents. Courtesy of Dylan Schrot.

Prior to his Colts days, the 5’10, 190lbs Schrot spent two years with the Vancouver Island Raiders (CFJL). “Another thing that inspired me to move back to Manitoba was seeing former VI Raider teammates perform very well for that program. Guys like Jordan Yantz, Mat Sawyer, who I tried to emulate my game around in my rookie CJFL season, and Dustin Pedersen,” he said.

However, Schrot lost two years in between the Colts and Raiders due to a contract dispute and a torn ACL.

“After missing out on two years of my eligibility, this season was definitely one I’ll never forget. Lifelong experience for sure. With the help of the Stamps receiver coach, Coach Costanza, I was able to analyze what part of my game needs the most work, and what its going to take for me to one day reach the pro level,” Schrot said.

In high school, he played with the Sisler Spartans (Winnipeg High School Football League) for two years. When he joins the Bisons, Schrot is on a mission to win. He said, “I’ve never won a high school or CJFL championship. I hate to lose more than I love to win, so every offseason I’ve always gone into it extremely motivated.”

Schrot’s drive and ambition has paid off though as he has collected quite a few football accolades:

Team MVP Sisler High School 2010 (single A)
Team MVP 2011 (AAA)
VI Raiders Receiver of the year (2013)
Calgary Colts Offensive MVP 2016
PFC most outstanding receiver 2016
CJFL All-Canadian 2016


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