A simple choice has grown into full love affair for DL/OL Ingram

“First year of high school, I wanted to join a sport, and I just chose football,” says Jesiah Ingram. But after years of grueling practices, hard work, and dedication, what was once a spark has become an eternal furnace burning inside the young man.

“We need to get him in front of coaches, sit 5minutes with this kid and listen to his passion for the game you will be sold, […]” says Chris Krentz, Ingram’s defensive coordinator who adds. “[…] The only player that would message me nightly after a game before I had even broken the tape to ask what he could have done better.”

Ingram is a man amongst boys standing at 6’0, 285lbs. The shocking part of his game is that his heart and motor are even larger. “Jesiah never quits on a play. He will start on the strong side, and end up on the weak side sideline to make the tackle. His motor never stops –pure effort,” says Coach Krentz.

Ingram uses his motor and size to wreck other team’s game plans on both offense and defense. “He hates to come off the field. Some two-way players will go half-speed on either offense or defense, but not him. Ingram [he] gives his full effort on both sides of the ball,” says Krentz.

The young stud plays both sides of the ball. On the offensive side, he plays right guard and defensive tackle on defense. “For [the] offensive line, I [just] like the idea that I’m the guy that has to protect the quarterback; for [the] defensive line, I love going after the other team’s quarterback,” says Ingram.

A lot of teenage boys idolize athletes, but Ingram’s role models are those close to him: his mother and head coach. “My mom because she always tells me how proud she is that I’ve stuck to something and have not given up, and the second one would be my coach Chris Krentz, he’s always helping me especially in the off-season [like right now],” says Ingram.

Despite all the praise he receives on the field by his coaches and teammates, despite all his accolades, which include offensive linemen MVP at Canada’s Top Prospects, the Vern E. Langlois Award for Leadership at Forest Lawn High School, Ingram understands that there is life after football. “Education and football are important to him so he wants to go to a school where he can get both – he is very bright with high expectations for life after football, a man with a plan so to speak,” concludes Krentz.

Jesiah Ingram (#67)
Defensive Tackle, Right Guard
6’0, 285lbs

Teams: Forest Lawn High School
Official Visits: none
Consideration: open
Commitment: none
Class: 2017

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