FPC19 Underclass Stars ROSTER (Central)

CFC100, CFC150 & CFC60 player class RANKINGS ‘need to know’ facts

CFC100/CFC150 & CFC60 player rankings – Class 2019, 2020, 2021 & JUNE edition

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Underclass Stars WHITE

1 Robert Wood DB
2 Ryan Muxlow DB
3 Jake Barker QB
3 Nathon Johnson DB
4 Logan Donker DB
12 Adrian Mohammed QB
20 Onochie Amuta RB
21 Caleb Sargeant RB
21 Quintin Vega-Goulais REC
24 Aidan Bowles REC
24 Rhys Staley QB
25 William Kasslack REC
26 Dylan Simpson REC
27 Nole Caplice RB
27 Luca Burton REC
29 Sari Nahhab LB
30 Luca Baharmast LB
33 Quintin Joseph LB
34 Brody Hughes LB
60 Nick Ciliberti OL
61 Alexander Cunha OL
63 Maverick McDermott OL
64 Colby Nicholson OL
65 Jaiden Maillet DL
68 Kaden Charles DL
69 Connor Miller DL
70 Mateo Lucero DL
71 Jake Dickinson OL
71 Leo Vanslack DE

Underclass Stars BLACK

3 Brendan Surridge DB
4 Ramish Jones DB
5 Shai Shachar REC
5 Morgan Lawrence DB
6 Ali Abouzeeni DB
10 Miguel Camboia QB
11 William Howard QB
20 Tevin Henry RB
21 Eric Laffin RB
22 Brodie Kowtiuk REC
23 Zach Delwo REC
25 Cameron White REC
26 aldrin belonio REC
27 Nathaniel McAlpine RB
30 Joey VanDongen LB
31 Ethan Gregorcic LB
32 Hadyn Eley LB
33 Brayden Skaarup LB
34 Aden Dionne LB
60 Martin Mezak OL
61 Colton Mocon OL
62 Michael Kata OL
63 Brad Suttis OL
65 Owen Pickett OL
66 Diego Camboia DL
67 Wesley McFarland DL
67 Abdul Abdelzizde DL
68 Owen McCracken DB
69 Curtis Ball DL
70 Jack Zehr DE
71 Luke Hopper DE


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