DB Mendoza looking to make an impact

Bethlehem Star’s defensive back Juan Carlos Mendoza is working towards a break out year.


5’4”, 162lbs

Defensive back

Bethlehem Stars (SSSAD)

University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina

Official Visits



When you are born in Saskatchewan football tends to come naturally being surrounded by the game at every turn, but for Bethlehem defensive back Juan Carlos Mendoza, football is a game he chooses to love after moving to Canada from the Philippines at the age of nine and strapping on a helmet for the first time in grade 10.

Missing out on the opportunity to play minor football as a youth like many in the area, Mendoza has wasted no time throwing himself into the sport trying to gain as much knowledge as possible in his short amount of time with the game. This summer Mendoza has stuck to a strict training regimen working out five days a week on the field and in the gym with Ignite Conditioning in hopes that his hard work pays dividends on the field in just his third year playing the game.

“At first I wasn’t really attracted to playing football because I didn’t want to get hit or injured, then I met a certain friend that me pushed me to join. I was really scared playing at first but as time went on, I started to understand the game and I started to love it, my first season playing football was the best moment of my life.” Mendoza explains.

“As the season progressed I motivated myself to get better and compete with the best players in our schools and others in the area. This summer Ignite Conditioning has really helped to improve my strength and speed for the upcoming season, it has been a pleasure working with them.”

Staying focused at a young age on any task is not easy and Mendoza has relied on his support system to ensure he is doing everything possible to get the most out of the game of football. Recognizing that his friends and family come first on his list of influences in life, Mendoza admits he probably has learned the most while on the practice field when simply listening and observing those around him.

“My highlight from last season was the grind of every practice and the amount of work put in to be a better player and motivating each other to get better as a team. My coaches influence me the most on the field because they help me become a better player, but also the people who are better than me because they make me realize my mistakes and the things I have to work on in order to get better.”

Although football has consumed a large portion of his attention this summer, Mendoza realizes post-secondary school is quickly approaching and he hopes to get accepted for Arts and Sciences heading towards a career as a registered nurse. If the CIS came calling obviously he would listen to any offers, but Mendoza says that it’d be tough to move away from his family,

“I’m considering playing for the University of Saskatchewan or University of Regina. I decided on those two schools because it is closer to home and it would be really nice to play in your hometown where your friends and family could come and watch. Moving to another province is also tough because it is hard for me to adapt to new places and it isn’t easy for me to leave my family back home. At the moment I have no official visits or offered lined up though.”

While an athlete can do everything humanly possible in the off-season to try and improve their game and land that coveted offer, it is all about having the confidence in your methods and abilities when the bright lights are on that really means the most. Although Mendoza is still trying to sculpt his football identity going into his senior year at Bethlehem, that hasn’t stopped him from setting high goals for himself that he is confident he will hit.

“I am going to do everything I can in order to improve this season. I plan on exceeding my goals and bringing out the maximum potential in me. That means staying consistent with my diet and work hard every single workout or whenever we’re on the field. I also need to listen to my coaches and work on form and my explosiveness on the field. Lastly, I am going to have fun and set a personal best for myself.”

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