#CFCHSFB: Sulyma making her mark in the WHSFL

Brooklyn Sulyma is not alone on the Sisler Spartans.

Sulyma has a friend and teammate in Ariana Wilson. Wilson and Sulyma are both females who suit up for the Spartans in the Winnipeg High School Football League (WHSFL).

Having another female on the team has been a big helper for Sulyma for many reasons.

“One big reason being that prior to games you have someone to help you get pumped up for the game, you don’t have to sit there by yourself with nothing to do or no one to talk to.” added  Sulyma.

The Spartans are not the only football team that Brooklyn plays for. She was also a member of the Manitoba Wolfpack in the Western Women’s Canadian Football League (WWCFL).

This is the second year Brooklyn has played football. The first year Brooklyn was on Manitoba Wolfpack. While suiting up for the Wolfpack, Brooklyn was a wide receiver, second string quarterback and kick/punt returner.

During her senior year as a member of the Sisler Spartans, Brooklyn Sulyma is a wide receiver.

Being a female in a generally male sport can be difficult sometimes. I asked Brooklyn what her biggest obstacle was playing football in a boy’s league.

“The biggest obstacle would probably be that I’m not in the dressing room for the pre-game speeches or the dressing room talk that goes on and I have to self-motivate myself to get prepared to play a big game,” added Sulyma.

Sitting beside another girl on the bus to away games has been a bonus for Brooklyn.

“If the game is away it’s nice to have someone to sit next to on the bus ride, also it’s nice to have another girl to talk football with, which not all girls can do.” said Brooklyn.

Brooklyn’s favourite football team is the New England Patriots and her favourite player is New England’s Tom Brady.

One day at work Brooklyn had a conversation with her friend Taylor Benne about sports. Taylor told her how she played football for the Wolfpackand Brooklyn said she “Thought it was super cool”.

After their talk, Sulyma was told by Benne “It would be great to have someone like you come out and play with us”. That year Brooklyn went out and played for the Wolfpack and started her football career.

The biggest moment in Brooklyn’s football career came against the St.Paul’s Crusaders. Brooklyn had her first reception against the Crusaders which is pictured above. This was a big moment for her in just the second week and she says “I hope there is many more to come throughout the season”.

Brooklyn’s family has always come to support her and they’ve always been very supportive no matter what sport she is playing. Her Dad played football as a kid and enjoys watching her. However, her mom says she’s crazy for always wanting to play contact sports, especially with the boys.

Apart from playing on two football teams, Brooklyn has played hockey since she was four years old. She is a goalie for the Sisler Boy’s hockey team. Other sports Brooklyn has been involved in at high school are track, cross country, basketball, rugby and soccer.

While working at Pizza Hut, Brooklyn third degree burned her whole right arm, part of her left arm and chest which she says “Was a pretty tragic moment sports wise and health wise.”

Brooklyn Sulyma’s future plans are to do a post grad education. This takes places half at Red River Community College and half at Tec Voc High School. The post grad option she is pursuing is dentistry, “I would like to become a dentist assistant first and maybe move up to dentist within time” added Brooklyn.

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