CFCFPC Ottawa [ROSTERS – Minor]: East vs. Central

2017 Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (#CFCFPC) football tournament kicks off Saturday, May 6th at Millennium Sports Park (Carleton) in Ottawa.

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# DATE AGE GROUPS Region   Region Time
MNP PARK (Carleton) OTTAWA MAY 6-7th
1 SAT  MAY 6TH Sophomore EAST vs. QBFL all-stars 1:00 PM
2 SAT  MAY 6TH VARSITY EAST vs. QMFL all-stars 4:00 PM
3 SAT  MAY 6TH Grade 11 – Fox 40
Battle of the Best
Fox 40 Central Canada vs. Fox 40 Team BCHS 7:30 PM
# DATE AGE GROUPS Region   Region Time
Millennium Sports Park OTTAWA MAY 7th
1 SUN MAY 7TH Grade 7 Central vs. Halton-Peel 8:45 AM
2 SUN MAY 7TH Grade 8 Central vs. Halton-Peel 10:35 AM
3 SUN MAY 7TH MINOR East vs. Central 12:25 PM
4 SUN MAY 7TH Grade 7 East vs. West 2:15 PM
5 SUN MAY 7TH Grade 8 East vs. West 4:05 PM

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