CFCFPC Hamilton (Sophomore): Interview roundup with the most outstanding players

We can try our best to put into words how the CFCFPC showcase impacts those who participate, but it is better left to the player’s themselves to describe their experience.

REC Israel Brathwaite – Overall Game MVP (Central)
3-144 3TD

DE Chris Simpson – Defensive MVP (Halton-Peel)

REC Kevin Victome – Overall Game MVP (East)
3-84 receiving, 2-72 rushing

RB John Lubemba – Offensive MVP (East)
12-130 1TD

LB Dominik Ostrowski – Defensive MVP (East)
“First of all I’d like to thank my parents, my family and my girlfriend for supporting me always, and helping me achieve the Defensive MVP award at the CFCFPC weekend.”

“I feel like my performance was pretty good but of course there’s always room for improvement. This game was a really good warmup up to help me prepare for my actual season with the Cumberland Panthers. My overall experience at the Tim Hortons Field was great. The atmosphere was electrifying when I lined up right before a play, I had lots of fun with friends and family. It was just a blast.”

REC Bradley Button (West)
1-36 1TD

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