#CFC50 2017 high school RANKINGS (5): Weather continues to rage in QC, AB upsets blow everything up

No. 1 South Lions (2-0, 1-0) – The Lions are running through their competition, they’re average margin of victory is 35+ points and they have only given up 2 defensive touchdowns on the year.

No. 2 St. Francis Browns (2-0) – DNP. The Browns will play Centennial on Oct. 6th.

No. 3 Séminaire Saint-François Blizzard (5-0) – No surprises here with the Blizzard’s 47-7 win over College Laval. The deep freeze continues in Quebec.

No. 4 St. Paul’s Crusaders (4-0) – The Crusaders may very well have play their main competition to date. They are perfect at 4-0 and are moving into the easy part of their schedule as they rest up for another deep playoff run.

No. 5 W.F. Herman Green Griffins (2-0)* – Last year’s CFC50 No. 1 ranked team, are starting to heat up and look like they will make another run at the OFSAA Bowl Festival.

No. 6 A. N. Myer Marauders (2-0, 1-0) – With their shutout 35-0 over Greater Fort Erie, Myer had their most dominate win so far this season.

No. 7 Curé-Antoine-Labelle Wolves (5-0) – The Wolves survived a scare from Saint Jean-Eudes, 32-30, as they continue on their collision course with the Blizzard in Quebec.

No. 8 St. Thomas More Knights (2-0, 1-1) – STM continues to blow out their opponents in Hamilton, doesn’t look they are going to get much resistance the rest of the season. Hopefully these performances will lead to a date with Herman or the South Lions in a Metro Bowl game.

No. 9 Terry Fox Ravens (2-0, 1-1) – Another division foe falls to the Ravens with a 55-6 loss. It looks like the Ravens won’t get much push back until playoffs.

No. 10 Harry Ainlay Titans (3-0, 3-0) – Ainlay sweeps northern Alberta again this week with their 40-6 win over Austin O’Brien. We’ve got the matchup against Bev Facey next week that’s got us all ramped up. If the Titans blows past the Falcons, it will be a safe bet that Ainlay will make a run deep in the playoffs and get a chance to see how they measure up the Browns or the Pride from Calgary.



RK Last Wk School/Team Mascot City Prov. Conf. Rec. Non-Conf. Rec. LAST RSLT – wk 5
1 1 South Lions London ON 2-0 1-0 won 42-7 v. Oakridge
2 2 St. Francis Browns Calgary AB 2-0 IDLE
3 3 Séminaire Saint-François Blizzard Quebec QC 5-0 won 47-7 v. College Laval
4 4 St. Paul’s Crusaders Winnipeg MB 4-0 won 27-7 v. Dakota
5 5 W.F. Herman Green Griffins Windsor ON 2-0* won 39-0 v. Essex
6 6 A. N. Myer Marauders Niagara Falls ON 2-0 1-0 won 35-0 v. Greater Fort Erie [DC]
7 7 Curé-Antoine-Labelle Loups Laval QC 5-0 won 32-30 v. Saint Jean-Eudes
8 8 St. Thomas More Knights Hamilton ON 2-0 1-1 won 51-7 v. Bishop Tonnos
9 9 Terry Fox Ravens Port Coquitlam BC 2-0 1-1 won 55-6 v. Kelowna
10 10 Harry Ainlay Titans Edmonton AB 3-0 3-0 won 40-6 v. Austin O’Brien
11 11 Leboldus Golden Suns Regina SK 3-0-1 won 28-14 v. Winston Knoll
12 13 Huron Heights Warriors Newmarket ON 1-0 1-1 won 36-0 Bill Crothers
13 15 New Westminster Hyacks New Westminster BC 2-0 2-1 won 20-14 v. Vancouver College
14 17 Notre Dame Pride Calgary AB 2-0 1-0 won 30-10 v. Ernest Manning
15 19 Holy Names Knights Windsor ON 2-0 2-0 won 32-3 v. Bell River
16 21 Etobicoke CI Rams Toronto ON 1-0 1-0 won 18-1 v. Michael Power – St. Joseph
17 25 Triolet Harfangs Sherbrooke QC 4-1 won 34- 14 v. College Notre Dame
18 26 South Delta Sun Devils Delta BC 2-0 2-1 won 50-20 v. Belmont
19 22 Holy Cross Crusaders Saskatoon SK 4-0 won 29-0 v. St. Joseph
20 23 Tantramar Regional Titans Sackville NB 4-0 won 49-0 v. Mathieu Martin
21 16 St. Matthew Tigers Ottawa ON 0-0* Philemon Wright win [forfeit]
22 46 Raymond Comets Raymond AB 2-0 0-1 won 17-16 v. LCI
23 20 Saint-Jean-Eudes Condors Québec QC 3-2 lost 32-30 v. Curé-Antoine-Labelle Loups
24 14 L.C.I. Rams Lethbridge AB 1-1 4-0 lost 17-16 v. Raymond
25 27 St. Marcellinus Spirit Mississauga ON 1-0 1-1 IDLE
26 30 St. Roch Ravens Brampton ON 1-1 2-0 won 45-6 v. St. Thomas Aquinas
27 28 Citadel Phoenix Halifax NS 4-0 won 49-0 v. Sydney
28 29 Centennial Chargers Saskatoon SK 4-0 won 38-24 v. Bethlehem
29 31 St. David Celtics Waterloo ON 2-0 won 48-0 v. St. Benedict
30 32 Holy Trinity Titans Oakville ON 2-0 2-0 won 48-0 v. Christ the King
31 33 Blessed Trinity Grimsby ON 2-0 1-0 won 35-10 v. Holy Cross
32 34 Holy Trinity Titans Courtice ON 2-0 won 20-18 v. Donald A. Wilson
33 35 Seaquam Seahawks Delta BC 2-0 1-0 won 55-14 v. Carson Graham
34 NR St. Thomas Aquinas London ON 2-0 won 16-13 v. Catholic Central
35 36 Ecole Sec. Roger-Comtois Patriotes Quebec QC 3-2 won 23-11 v. College Jean-Eudes
36 44 Bellerose Bulldogs St. Albert AB 1-1 3-0 won 47-13 v. Jasper Place
37 38 Cardinal Newman Cardinals Stoney Creek ON 2-0 0-1 won 15-0 v. Cathedral
38 40 St. Maximillian Kolbe Mustangs Aurora ON 1-0 won 23-0 v. Markham
39 41 Sir John A Macdonald Flames Upper Tantallon NS 4-0 won 33-6 v. JL Isley TBC
40 45 Nelson Lords Burlington ON 2-0 0-2 won 34-7 v. Frank J. Hayden
41 39 Grant Park Pirates Winnipeg MB 2-0-1* tie 17-17 v. Oak Park
42 43 Notre Dame Jugglers Vancouver BC 1-1 2-0 won 24-7 v. Mt. Doug
43 18 Bev Facey Falcons Sherwood Park AB 3-1 0-1 lost 21-14 v. Salisbury
44 47 Korah Colts Sault Ste. Marie ON 4-0 won 49-12 v. White Pines
45 NR Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers Surrey BC 2-0 1-1 won 56-6 v. WJ Mouat
46 49 Nantyr Shores Tritons Innisfil ON 2-0 won 38-7 v. Innisdale
47 NR Jacob Hespeler Hawks Cambridge ON 2-0 0-1 won 56-12 v. Waterloo Oxford
48 NR Our Lady of Mount Carmel Mississauga ON 2-0 won 35-0 v. St. Marguerite d’Youville
49 NR Sir Allan MacNab Hamilton ON 2-0 won 30-7 v. Saltfleet
50 NR Notre Dame Niagara Falls ON 2-0 won 56-0 v. Lakeshore Catholic

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For the eighth year in a row, Canadafootballchat.com (CFC) is pleased to bring you the national high school football rankings known as the #CFC50. The #CFC50 rankings considers all conference and non-conference games (in Canada and the United States) while scrimmages are not evaluated (there is no such thing as an exhibition game – those are classified as non-conference games) and forfeit* wins are not considered towards overall record.

How is the #CFC50 evaluated?

Leagues included in rankings: British Columbia AAA Varsity, Alberta Tier One, Saskatchewan 12-man 4A, Manitoba AAA Varsity, Ontario OFSAA Bowl AAA qualified teams, Quebec Juvenile Division 1, New Brunswick 12-man, Nova Scotia Tier 1.

The #CFC50 is a RELATIVE RANKING that considers top tier leagues from all eight high school playing provinces (minimum one team represented from each province) and the strength of the league that they play in. Additional criteria used to determine the relative ranking are the ability to accomplish winning a championship, the impact players and performers on that team (ie. #CFC100s, CDN All-Stars etc.), and a team’s coaching and recent tradition.

The CFC Scouting Bureau consists of CFC Reporters, CFC Scouts, and selected local reporters and scouts who submit local ranking results on a weekly basis. The #CFC50 is released every Monday (other than on Holidays) at 12 noon.


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  1. Just a correction. CFC Top 50 – Bellerose Bulldogs, St. Albert, AB CFC50 #36. Conference record is 3-1, Non-Conference record is 2-0. Both are incorrect in the rankings report.

  2. Once again this ranking makes zero sense. How do teams lose games but leap frog over undefeated teams? Makes no sense.

  3. I think you’re reading this wrong… i see 3 teams with losses and one that tied and they all lost positions in the rankings. No team that lost last week went up in the rankings.
    And even if there was, they are trying to rank teams all across the country that play in different leagues with different levels of competition. There are many things to take into consideration… a 3 pt loss to a team ranked in the top 15 is likely more valuable than a win by 3 pts over a team not ranked in the top 50 when you’re looking at overall rankings. At the end of the day, I’m just glad we have something to gauge these teams, even if it’s not 100% accurate.

  4. I think you are reading my post wrong. I did not mention losing last week. My comment is to why a team with a lose in their record will jump over a team with none. The only reason that I can see is they are from a different province. When you talk about different levels of play I pretty sure the only teams eligible to make this list are playing at the top level already. The only difference would be the misconception that all teams playing in BC, Ontario and Quebec are way better. But if you even look at the Canada cup you will see that this is not the case. Further to this is the fact that a win by 3 to a none raked team on this list seems like a weak win and should not relate to the reaction I see over and over here.

  5. Avatar RAMS OF LONDON says:

    Laurier Rams(of London ONT) beat #47 Jacob Hespeler in an exhibition and are undefeated in league play.

    Laurier @ #47 Hespeler 21-9 WIN

    Laurier vs Oakridge 41-7 WIN (CFC#1 South won 42-7 v Oakridge a week later).

    Laurier vs Glendale 25-0 WIN

    This week Laurier take on CFC #1 South. Most likely a loss, but at this point they should have been on your list. London Football is very good!

  6. Your right it makes no sense. Herman was number 1 last year and hasn’t lost in 41 straight games yet they moved them down to #4..

  7. Avatar Ralph Spoltore says:

    A voice from Waterloo here. London football is indeed very good.

  8. Here’s a 3pt game for you. London cch loses by 3 to traditional rival st thomas Aquinas and gets dropped out of top 50 from the 12 spot??? St Thomas goes from an n/r spot to 34… talk about knee jerk reactions.. I forgot no more than 2 london teams in cfc 50 at any given time.. that’s almost as bad as south not cracking the top ten at the end of last year?? Well they are making amends for that this year at least. P.s. I.m not a cch supporter,just pointing out the obvious injustice there. The fact is there have been several different london teams go to ofsaa bowls since 2000. Not just cch. It’s been a very good league for decades…bring it home south!

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