CFC27 Update (2): UBC top 5, MTA enters fray

It that time of year again where ranks all 27 U Sport program’s recruiting classes. Every week, CFC will be updating total points and average points per player. All U Sport teams are fully up to date with the U Sport Commits page.

Not much has changed since the CFC27 first came out a few weeks ago for the total points per program. Calgary maintains the number one spot with 39 recruits and 955 points, followed by Montreal at 29 commits and 836 points. Guelph, Western, Laval follow in spots 3-5. Coming into the later part of recruiting, this may not change much from now until the start of the season.

However, interestingly enough, this past week UBC signed some incredible talent which see’s them get catapulted into the top five for average per player points. With 9 CFC100s now committed to the Thunderbirds program, they come in third place with 21 commits at 29.10 points per player.

Not surprisingly, Laval remains on the top as they always recruit linemen and that’s where the big points come in. You can see that also with Manitoba’s class who is second on points per player as four of their five CFC100s are also linemen. Montreal and Western fall into fourth and fifth spot respectively.

For the rest of the list, both Queen’s and Sherbrooke climbed and we see MTA enter the fray now that they have five commits to their program.

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Teams are ranked by two different categories: (1) TOTAL POINTS and; (2) AVERAGE PER PLAYER

CFC employs a point system based on the recruits declared in the recruiting class on CFC:

  • Players are rated based on (a) CFC100/60 rankings (b) 4-star ranking (c) 3-star ranking (d) NR
  • POINTS NOT ALLOCATED to (a) Transfersthey would have acquired points in their original class year; (b) International commits who ONLY played outside of Canada prior to U Sports commitment
  • CFC27 is updated approximately once per week (there can be a lag of a few days behind the U Sports commit list)
  • Teams are not ranked until they have a minimum of 5 players on their commit list

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# # Team Commits CFC 100/60 Total


# # Team Commits CFC 100/60 Total Points Avg / Player

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