CFC100 Lytle, Jokic looking to impress in Winnipeg

Continuing our look at some of the top players who will be present at the University of Winnipeg for the CFC100 series combine, let us turn our attention to a pair of defensive linemen from St. Paul’s High School, Luka Jokic and Zachary Lytle. Starting with Lytle, who is an imposing figure at defensive end standing 6 feet 4 inches tall. But Zachary does not just rely on being big to dominate the game, he works incredibly hard and hopes that will pay off at the combine,

“I’ve mostly been working out with my dad, watching lots of film from last season and staying in shape playing basketball for my high school team… I think I’ll match up well. I’ve worked hard to improve, I have great coaches and my dad helps push me to be better as well.”

But naturally Lytle has expressed some nerves going into the event. His nerves ultimately are out matched by his excitement to go compete and his pure love of football. And what is especially impressive is that despite his size he envisions himself having the most success at the shuttle drill and 40-yard dash. Plus, as a member of the CFC100 list this past year, Lytle is hoping that his performance can not only bolster his position on the list, but also get his name known going in this summer’s prospect game, an event that he hopes to participate in.

Given that most of the participants play against and with each other all throughout the year in high school, summer ball and the variety of other rep teams around, it comes as no surprise that many will know or at least know of one another at these upcoming combines. Zachary is no different, but that possibility does not intimidate him at all, “… I have some friends and other guys who should be there [the combine]. I always want to do my best no matter who’s there so it really doesn’t affect my approach.”

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One player Lytle knows who will most definitely be at the Manitoba combine is his St. Paul’s teammate and fellow defensive lineman, Luka Jokic. Jokic, much like many other players, are not simply one-sport athletes. And like those other players, Jokic takes the opportunity to participate in other sports as a way to improve himself as a football player, “I have also been playing a lot of rugby throughout the winter with Rugby Canada camps and trying out for the provincial 7’s team.” But that is not the only method Luka has taken to train, “In preparation for the combine I’ve been working out in my school gym… I’m also doing Recruit Ready, which is a well known football developmental program.”

But despite his hard work, Luka is still human and has expressed a variety of emotions going into the event, “I am excited because I get to show off my skill and my techniques in the combine… But I’m anxious to go out there and perform.” All of which is of course natural to feel going into such an event, one in which Luka looks to not merely outperform his competition but in doing so capture the eyes of university scouts across the nation. In addition, he hopes that a strong performance could help him find his way onto the CFC100 list or become a participant in the prospect game, “It would be an honour. It also shows that my hard work has paid off and I’m one step closer to higher level football.”

No matter how these two defensive lineman perform at the combine, there is one thing that is for certain: offensive line coaches across Winnipeg will unquestionably have their match-up with St. Pauls circled on their schedule as soon as it comes out. Having said that, with how these two athletes have prepared they are sure to make their school proud when they take the field February 1st at the University of Winnipeg.

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