#CFC100 Class 2016 Rankings – Final edition

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#CFC100 Class 2016 Rankings – Final edition – January 2016

[TOP PICTURE – From CFL on TSN game featuring Top 5 of Edition one]


# Full Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Province City Last Team Commitment
1 Patrice Rene DB 6’1 190 Ontario Ottawa Episcopol (Va.) North Carolina
2 Chase Claypool ATH 6’5 203 British Columbia Abbotsford Abbotsford Notre Dame
3 Daniel Joseph DL 6’4 250 Ontario Brampton Lake Forest (IL.) Penn State
4 Jesse Meyler OL 6’5 285 Ontario Toronto Episcopol (Va.) Northwestern
5 Amen Ogbongbemiga LB 6’1 210 Alberta Calgary Notre Dame Oklahoma State
6 Nathan Rourke QB 6’2 190 Ontario Oakville Edgewood Acad. (Ala.)
7 Benjamin St-Juste DB 6’3 175 Quebec Montreal Vieux-Montreal Michigan
8 Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund 12+ DE 6’3 235 Nova Scotia Dartmouth Champlain-Lennoxville Southeastern Louisiana
9 Domenico Cipriani 12+ DT 6’4 275 Ontario Toronto IMG (Fla.)
10 Bruno Labelle TE 6’4 210 Quebec Lachine Montmorency Cincinnati

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1. Kickers & Punters are not included in the CFC TOP 100.

2. The CFC TOP 100 is updated on a regular basis.  A date will indicate the last update.  CFC scouts attend camps, clinics, tournaments, games and other football functions to continual update their database.

3. Players or their coach can declare they are or have become part of the CLASS 2016 by posting their hilite video on CFC – CLICK HERE – to post [recruits@canadafootballchat.com]

4. 12+ indicates a non-Quebec student who has self-declared they are returning to high school / prep school for a ‘preparatory year’ (or CFC confirmed their attendance).  Junior College players are not eligible as their class has already been declared previously.

5. Criteria includes but not only includes:  Athletic potential, athletic frame, NCAA & CIS scholarship offers, football ability, football potential.

6. If you do not agree with the CFC TOP 100 rankings please insert your comments below and help celebrate all the great players in Canada.


QB = Quarterback

ATH = athlete / multi position [i.e. QB & REC]

OL = Offensive Line

RB = Running backs (including fullbacks)

REC = Wide receivers, insider receivers

TE = Tight End

DL = Defensive Line

DT = Defensive Tackles

DE = Defensive End

LB = Linebacker

DB = Defensive Back

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  2. Ontario Elite:
    Jevante Stanley Rb
    Nathan Rouke Qb
    Teddy Mansell Lb
    Kevin Acheampong Dl
    John Valachos Dl
    Quincey Belanger Wr
    Jaden Washington Lb
    Josh Palmer Wr (2017)

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  5. #30 Dontae Bull is a 2017 grad. He is currently in grade 10.

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  7. Avatar Ontario Elite Linemen says:

    Cj Church offensive linemen from Ontario not on the list ? He’s been on the same team as #45 Sage Doxtater and outshines him in the film. He is one of Ontario’s elities

  8. Trystyn Waters is DL not OL.

  9. Class 0f 2016, Michael Arruda, RSEQ top QB from Division 1? Surprised that he is not on the list?

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  11. Avatar InTheStands says:

    Alberta U18
    LB Cam St. Amand (2x U18)
    DL J-Min Pelley (2x U18)
    QB Des Catellier (2x U18)
    RB Landon Rose
    RB Chuba Hubbard
    OL George Hutchings
    DE Justin Sambu

    Chuba Hubbard is actually Class 2017 but good for him for getting noticed. He’s an excellent football player!

  12. Class 0f 2016, Alexis Côté, RSEQ RB from Division 1? Surprised that he is not on the list?
    Nombre de portée: 158
    Verges: 1026
    Moyennes par potée: 6.5
    Touché: 9

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  15. Wow some guys in varsity football get no love. Where’s

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  35. Avatar Football Talk says:

    Top 2017 recruit Spencer Nichols, recently started at left tackle for the U18 Team Ontario Canada cup team. Will not be surprised if he is on the top of that list next year.

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  64. Are you going to do one for the classes of 2017 and 2018. A list like this will probably go a lot further helping sophomores and juniors.

  65. Are you going to do one of these for class of 2017 and 2018? Attention like this would help sophomores and seniors a lot!!!

  66. Where would these class of 2017 kids fit in with the current list?

    Jacob Izquierdo (REC – Calgary, Alberta) Team Canada U18, Canada Cup All-Star
    Kevin Mital (REC – St. Hubert, Quebec) Team Canada U18, Canada Cup All-Star
    Joseph Dutton (LB – Calgary, Alberta) Team Canada U18, Canada Cup All-Star
    Kyle Borsa (RB – Regina, Saskatchewan) Team Canada U18
    Charles Lavallee (OL – Moncton, New Brunswick) Team Canada U18
    Alexander Fedchun (DL – Calgary, Alberta) Team Canada U18
    Nicolas Cross (LB – Regina, Saskatchewan) Team Canada U18
    Inho Choi (DB – Windsor, Ontario) Team Canada U18
    Chuba Hubbard (RB – Sherwood Park, Alberta) 10.55 100m, Team Alberta U18(DNP)

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  68. Doug Flutie did say “potential” is a dangerous word!

  69. Curious as to why Bowen Pisula has not cracked the top 100?

    Competed for Team Sask in 2014 & 2015 Canada Cup and named to the Canada Cup All Star team this year and has committed to the University of Regina Rams for the 2016 season

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  74. Footballfan, I think this list is based on who CFC rankings receives information from and knows. In looking at the rankings, it’s obvious it not relevant to players performance (of last 2-3 years) but mainly repeats of previous rankings. This list is for entertainment only and on my account, should not be taken seriously. Talent is measured on the field, and that’s how coaches measure a player! They review academics, their football performance, skill, agility, attitude etc. Coaches do not use this list ….

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  95. You do you guys use BC High School Football’s Scoring Leaders Stats? The exhibition stats are complete. Most AAA teams are just starting their regular season.


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  110. I am totally surprised that the top QB of RSEQ Division 1 is ranked at 100. He only played 2 years of CEGEP Div 1 and almost beating RSEQ TOP QBs records. Imagine his record if we would of played 3 years college! He is viewed by coaches as one of the best of his generation. He was recruited by all Canadian Universities and was their #1 choice. Its a good thing that coaches measure him for his talent, leadership, athleticism and for his size. Afterall, he is playing against the same players and teams as all the other QBs listed here and outplayed each one! Size is not everyting, potential is not everything, but knowing the game and work to be the best and being the best is everything!

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  123. Avatar Benoit Bourdua says:

    #14 Adam Auclair has commited to Laval
    #21 Samuel Rossi has commited to Montreal

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  137. Highlights of the RSEQ Div. 1 Bol d’or –


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