CFC TOP 100 (Class 2015 – edition 1)

May 26 2014

1 Neville Gallimore 12+ DL 6’3 290 Ontario Ottawa
2 Wesley Annan 12+ DL 6’4 280 Ontario Whitby
3 Harper Sherman OL 6’4.5 260 British Columbia New Westminister
4 Mathieu Betts DE 6’3 245 Quebec Lasalle
5 Jonathan Femi-Cole 12+ RB 5’11 218 Ontario Maple
6 Louis-Mathieu Normandin REC 6’2 200 Quebec Montréal
7 Jakob Butler LB 6’1 205 Alberta Sherwood Park
8 Hergy Mayala 12+ REC 6’2 190 Quebec Montréal
9 Colton Hunchuk ATH 6’1 180 Alberta Calgary
10 Graydon Campbell OL 6’3 270 Ontario Greely

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1. Kickers & Punters are not included in the CFC TOP 100.

2. The CFC TOP 100 is updated on a regular basis.  A date will indicate the last update.  CFC scouts attend camps, clinics, tournaments, games and other football functions to continual update their database.

3. Players or their coach can declare they are or have become part of the CLASS 2015 by posting their hilite video on CFC – CLICK HERE – to post []

4. 12+ indicates a non-Quebec student who has self-declared they are returning to high school / prep school for a ‘preparatory year’ (or CFC confirmed their attendance).  Junior College players are not eligible.

5. Criteria includes but not only includes:  Athletic potential, athletic frame, NCAA & CIS scholarship offers, football ability, football potential.

6. If you do not agree with the CFC TOP 100 rankings please insert your comments below and help celebrate all the great players in Canada.


QB = Quarterback

ATH = athlete / multi position [i.e. QB & REC]

OL = Offensive Line

RB = Running backs (including fullbacks)

REC = Wide receivers, insider receivers

TE = Tight End

DL = Defensive Line

DT = Defensive Tackles

DE = Defensive End

LB = Linebacker

DB = Defensive Back


CFC Scouting Bureau

The (CFC) Scouting Bureau is comprised of CFC scouts,  selected private scouts, selected CIS coaches, and other professional contributors.

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