AUS, SMU and others spend tens of thousands on court case…Money well spent or dumb?

UPDATED: Sunday Nov 12 4:20pm

Court determines appropriate to grant an interim injunction, AUS must sanction game and direct Acadia to play SMU.  Judge advises game to be played by Tuesday

A final verdict is just forthcoming as the question of whether the Loney Bowl Championship will be played after all. This has been a lucrative weekend for the many lawyers that were a part of the AUS football championship debacle that is now in the court rooms.

In court Saturday were the Huskies, Acadia and the AUS, according to Elizabeth Chiu, from CBC, twitter account.  St. Mary’s University was in court Saturday in an attempt to get the AUS football championship game against the Acadia Axemen reinstated. The Loney Bowl was to be played Saturday, but was cancelled on Thursday by the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) office.

When executive director Phil Currie was placed on the stand, he was asked about a complaint received by U Sports on Oct. 24, 2017. The complaint was in regards to the question of eligibility of a Huskie’s player, Archelaus Jack, who was listed on a CFL practice roster with a release date of Oct. 11, 2016.

If the game is to be played, St. Mary’s will have the chance to win and play against Western who won the Yates Cup this past weekend against Wilfrid Laurier. If the game doesn’t go ahead, the Acadia Axemen will win the title by default and advance to the Uteck Bowl on the 18th against Western.

More to come on the impending decision…..


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