2018 Provincial All-Stars (ON – D8)

Senior MVP’s: Braydan Schneider, St. David C.S.S.
Senior First Team All-Stars
First Name Last Name Position Grade School
Braeden Barry OL/LB 12 Resurrection C.S.S.
Andrew Brush QB 12 St. Mary’s H.S.
Cameron Bulai OL/DL 12 Resurrection C.S.S.
Dylan Cordeiro WR 12 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Zyvian Daugherty DB 12 St. Mary’s H.S.
Tyresse Griffith RB 12 St. David C.S.S.
Tyson Hergott LB/OL 12 St. David C.S.S.
Jaxon Matcheski TE/DB 12 Resurrection C.S.S.
Connor Proeschel WR/DB 12 St. Mary’s H.S.
Braydan Schneider LB/ CB 12 St. David C.S.S.
John Snyder OL 12 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Jared Weiler DB/TE 12 Resurrection C.S.S.
Senior Second Team All-Stars
First Name Last Name Position Grade School
Parker Boyd OL/DL 12 Resurrection C.S.S.
Tyshawn Brown LB/RB 11 St. Mary’s H.S.
Braydon Crawford WR 12 St. David C.S.S.
Matt Emery RB 11 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Zach Gladding WR 12 St. David C.S.S.
Sam Hepditch QB 12 St. David C.S.S.
GP Iantorno LB 12 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Samuel Kanneh WR/DB 12 St. Mary’s H.S.
Jackson Lewis RB 12 Resurrection C.S.S.
Curtis Martin DE 11 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Carter McKenna OL 12 St. Mary’s H.S.
Noah Medeiros RB 11 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Junior All-Stars
First Name Last Name Position Grade School
Keith Agar HB 10 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Leejarvey Alagos LB 10 St. David C.S.S.
Zach Brown OL/DL 9 St. David C.S.S.
Lucas Cabral QB 9 Resurrection C.S.S.
Liam Campbell LB 10 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Aiden Ching OL/DL 10 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Ben Cooper LB 10 Resurrection C.S.S.
Joe Corman DL 9 Resurrection C.S.S.
Nick Da Silva LB 10 St. Mary’s H.S.
Jake DaSilva WR 10 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Caleb Hamilton RB 10 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Brady Ioannidis LB 10 Resurrection C.S.S.
Jacob Kaminski QB 10 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Robbie Mulligan RB 10 Resurrection C.S.S.
Steve Pahl LB 10 Resurrection C.S.S.
Tyler Putzu RB 10 Resurrection C.S.S.
Scott Sichewski C 10 St. Mary’s H.S.
Jorge Villalaibos DL 10 Resurrection C.S.S.
Eli Watson Van Neste DE 9 St. Mary’s H.S.
Ryan Weiss QB/S 10 St. David C.S.S.
Matt Williams DE 10 St. Benedict C.S.S.
Noah Williams RB 10 St. Mary’s H.S.
Blake Wolf WR/K 9 St. David C.S.S.
Daniel Zaia LB 10 St. Mary’s H.S.

source: D8 Athletic Association

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