20 CFC40s heading to the CFL National Combine

The CFC40 U Sports and CFC40 NCAA Draft Class Rankings represent the top Canadian prospects looking for a shot in the pros. 20 CFC40s will be showcasing their skills at this year’s CFL National Combine held in Toronto.

ABRAHAMS-WEBSTER, Treshaun 20 DB Calgary
ACHEAMPONG, Samuel 94 DL Wilfrid Laurier CFC40
AGUEMON, Jason 12 RB Flash de La Courneuve
AKETEPE, Oludotun 24 DB Guelph
ANDERSON, Tony 25 DB Grand View University
BILLY, Bryan 26 DB Black Panthers Thonon Les Bains
BOCKRU, Mathias 5 REC Manitoba
BREIDENBACH, Sven 60 OL Cologne Crocodiles
BRISSETT, Dejon 83 REC Virginia CFC40
CASSAR, Jack 39 LB Carleton CFC40
DALLE PIAGGE, Lorenzo 48 LB Milano Seamen
DAVIS, Reshaan 96 DL Ottawa CFC40
DHEILLY, Nicholas 91 DL Saskatchewan
ELLERMAN, Brett 84 REC Western University CFC40
ENGSTROM, Malcolm 93 DL Stockholm Mean Machines
FELTMATE, Bailey 49 LB Acadia CFC40
FEMI-COLE, Jonathan 17 RB Western University
GANGAROSSA, Chris 53 OL Wagner CFC40
GIFFEN, Dylan 54 OL Western University CFC40
GOWANLOCK, Brock 90 DL Manitoba CFC40
GRAY, Kurtis 40 LB Waterloo
HALLETT, Noah 21 DB McMaster CFC40
HARELIMANA, Brian 44 LB Montreal CFC40
HOECHT, Michael 95 DL Brown
ILLETSCHKO, Dustin 43 LB Potsdam Royals
IZINYON, David 46 LB Rostock Griffins
JAMES, William 29 DB Arlanda Jets
JOHNSON, Kayden 13 RB York
KAMBAMBA, Bleska 22 DB Western University CFC40
KENSY, Marius 47 LB Cologne Crocodiles
KYEI, Micky 7 REC New Yorker Lions
LAMOUR, Dev 34 DB Buffalo CFC40
LAWSON, Cameron 97 DL Queen’s CFC40
LAWSON, Jesse 55 OL Carleton CFC40
LEE, Taku 14 RB Obic Seagulls
LIEGGHIO, Marc 138 K Western University
LIESEN, Niklas 45 LB Cologne Crocodiles
MACHINO, Tomoya 56 OL Kyoto University Gangsters
MADIN-CEREZO, Jean-Claude 8 REC Hamburg Huskie
MAHOUNGOU, Anthony 85 REC Purdue
MBELEG-TOONGA, Glen 11 RB Dresden Monarchs
MILANOVIC, Aleksandar 61 OL Vienna Vikings
O’BRIEN, Liam 88 REC Saint Mary’s
OMI, Yoshihito 86 REC IBM Big Blue
PELLERIN, Dion 15 RB Waterloo
PHILIP, Shaydon 32 DB Alberta
POSUNKO, Oleksandr 33 DB Rostock Griffins
PUTT, Nolan 23 DB McMaster
RILEY, Mattland 57 OL Saskatchewan CFC40
RODNEY, Justin 10 RB Frankfurt Universe
ROSSI, Samuel 41 LB Montreal CFC40
SAGNE, Sebastien 87 REC Frankfurt Universe
SINAGRA, Adam 9 QB Calgary CFC40
SZOTT, Jakub 58 OL McMaster
TAKAYA, Ryote 92 DL Fujitsu Frontiers
TERNOWSKI, Tyler 6 REC Waterloo CFC40
WOODMANSEY, Coulter 59 OL Guelph
YAMAGISHI, Akio 42 LB Fujitsu Frontiers

Source: cfl.ca


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